“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you'll land among the stars. ”


Gary Tao graduated from Western Washington University in 2014 with a bachelor in Business Management. He has worked as account executive for UPS before coming to Bellevue Massage School. Gary is currently responsible for managing social media marketing and coordinating marketing strategies with fellow instructors and creative staffs.

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Z Schultheis, Owner

Owner and Bilingual Admissions

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Frank Aversano, ND NT#00000989

Anatomy and Physiology Program Director

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Teri Hallmark, LMT, MA#00011927

Massage Instructor for BMS & Bastyr University Massage Intensive

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Christian Curtis, LMT MA#60144397

Kinesiology and Specialty Instructor

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Daggie Chan, LMT MA#60363735

MTP Instructor BL

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Stanley Chan, LAC, MSAOM, LMT MA#00014480

Anatomy & Physiology Instructor (Bilingual Program)

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Kyle E. Clemens, LMT, CKTP MA00015312

Director, Massage, Kinesiology & Specialty Instructor

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Breanne Montes, LMT MA60140091

Massage Instructor

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