Transfer Massage Licensing Program

Are you a licensed Healthcare Provider in another field?
Expand your professional horizons and increase your income potential!

Washington Spa Academy, formerly known as Bellevue Massage School and established in 1976, is now open to students from all healthcare backgrounds seeking dual licensure within and beyond Washington State. Join our Massage Training Program, where your existing understanding of human anatomy, physiology, or kinesiology will seamlessly integrated.

Benefits of joining our Transfer Program 

  • Deduction of tuition based on transferable credits from prior education.
  • Completion of the training within 33 weeks or less.
  • Enhance your toolkit to help patients alleviate pain and enhance mobility.
  • Increase your income potential! 

Licensing for Out-of-State Applicants 

WAC 246-830-035 allows for licensure by endorsement if the applicant holds an active massage therapy license in good standing in another state, and the state's education and training requirements are substantially equivalent to Washington State. 

Effective September 1, 2021, substantial equivalency means a course of study at a massage school or massage program that requires: 

  • A minimum of six hundred twenty-five hours of education and training, to be completed in no fewer than twenty-four weeks and approved by the equivalent licensing agency or agencies in the state, territory, or foreign jurisdiction in which it is located at the time of applicant's graduation; 
  • or A minimum of five hundred hours of education and training, and approved by the equivalent licensing agency or agencies in the state, territory, or foreign jurisdiction in which it is located at the time of applicant's graduation, at least two years of experience, and documentation of at least twenty-four hours of continuing education within two years prior to making application. 

WAC 246-830-037 allows for board approved massage schools or massage programs to operate transfer programs, subject to the board's approval, that accept an individual's credits or clock hours from massage schools, massage programs, colleges or universities. Successful completion of a transfer program allows applicants to qualify for licensure by educational endorsement without having to go through a full board-approved program. For further information, see RCW 18.108.095.

Process for Approving/Denying Applications

Credentialing staff review the application and supporting documents to make an initial determination on eligibility. Credentialing supervisors approve applications that don’t have positive answers to personal data questions, have questionable verifying documents, or are otherwise "red flag" applications. "Red flag" applications are forwarded to the exception application process for determination by the appropriate disciplining authority. An applicant will be formally notified of a denial and has the opportunity for a hearing.

Renewal Requirements

Massage practitioners must renew their license every year on or before their birthday. Twenty-four hours of continuing education is due every two years on or before their birthday. WAC 246-830-475 Continuing education requirements

WSA 625-Hour Transfer Massage Licensing Program

Transfer students will be part of the standard massage program cohort, with required graduation hours adjusted based on transferred hours. The 625-hour transfer program aligns with the minimum education requirements set by WADOH.

  • 90 hours of anatomy and physiology
  • 60 hours of kinesiology
  • 70 hours of pathology
  • 260 hours of theory, principles, and practice of massage
  • 50 hours of student clinic. For programs exceeding 625 hours, the student clinic hours should not exceed 75 hours (students provide supervised massage services for clients)
  • 55 hours of clinical/business practices (focused on business management and insurance billing)
  • 40 hours of professional ethics

Tuition Structure

  • Transcript Evaluation: $100
  • Registration Fee: $100
  • Minimum Tuition: $460 (20 hours of education)
  • Every Additional Hour: $23 per hour

If a student's additional training hours are fewer than 20, they are still required to pay the full minimum tuition. They must fulfill all WSA training and graduation requirements to become qualified Washington State Massage Therapists.

  • Example 1: Student A transferred 600 hours. The tuition will be calculated as (625 - 600) * $23 + $100 + $100, resulting in $775.
  • Example 2: Student B transferred 620 hours. The tuition will be $460 + $100 + $100, equaling $660.

    You can start with the Transcript Evaluation first and subsequently compare the tuition costs and program requirements offered by various board-approved transfer schools. 

    Please ensure your previous schools send sealed official transcripts to admissions@waspaacademy.comWSA credentialing staff will furnish you with a comprehensive breakdown of transferable hours/courses and program tuition.

    WSA Training and Graduation Requirements

    1. Complete all Enrollment Paperwork.
    2. Have tuition paid in full (Payments made with Debit/Credit Cards are subject to a 3% transaction fee).
    3. All training sessions are conducted in person. You will be assigned a timecard to track your attendance. Please clock in and out properly.
    4. All transfer students must comply to the graduation policy and successfully pass, at a minimum, the Ethic Quiz, Kinesiology Final, A&P Final, and MTP Written & Practical Exam.

    WSA Will Complete the Following Steps

    1. Email the Department of Health an official School Completion Form. 
    2. Provide the graduate with an Official Transcript and a Certificate of Completion.
    3. Student records are retained for a duration of 50 years.

    If you are thinking about moving to Washington as a massage therapist or just need to finish massage school, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with your questions. Please give us a call at 425-641-3409.

    From our Alumni

    From our Alumni

    The best school I have ever been to, and locally owned. Awesome teachers and staff, our group had a lot of fun! They helped me find me a job immediately with an awesome spa, and have answered any questions I had post graduation. If you are looking for a new career as a massage therapist I highly recommend Bellevue Massage School.

    - Tyler, 2017 Graduate

    The teachers at BMS are caring and knowledgeable, and the small class sizes mean a lot of 1-on-1 attention!

    - Jeff, 2017 Graduate