Transfer Student Program

Washington Spa Academy accepts transfer students from both inside and outside of Washington State. As one of the few schools in Washington that offers a transfer student program, WSA has been helping massage therapists from all over the country since 1977.

Licensing Requirements for Massage Therapists

To become a "licensed massage practitioner" in Washington State, a person must fulfill the following criteria that is detailed at the Washington State Department of Health website.


Credentialing RequirementVerification Documents

Completion of a Washington State Board of Massage approved education program -and-  Successful completion of national exam

Verification of completion form stamped with the program’s Department of Health-issued stamp received directly from the approved education program. 

Official exam report from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) or Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). 

State license verificationApplicant lists all states where credentials are or were held, including where applicant has applied but a credential was not granted. A verification form must be completed and submitted by the jurisdiction where the applicant is or was credentialed. Applicant sends form to jurisdiction for completion. The jurisdiction sends completed form directly to the department.

Statement about:

  • physical and mental health status
  • lack of impairment due to chemical dependency/substance abuse
  • history of loss of license, certification or registration
  • felony convictions
  • loss or limitations of privileges
  • disciplinary actions
  • professional liability claims history
Applicant must answer personal data questions. An appropriate explanation and required documentation must be sent with positive answers. If there is a positive answer to the professional liability claims history question, the applicant must send an explanation of the nature of the case, data and summary of care given, copies of the original complaint and the settlement or final disposition. If pending, applicant must indicate status. 

Additional Information/Documents Required

  • Successful completion of an examination administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) or Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). The NCBTMB or the FSMTB must send a copy of exam score report directly to the department.
  • First aid and CPR cards or verification from an approved education program.

Process for Approving/Denying Applications

Credentialing staff review the application and supporting documents to make an initial determination on eligibility. Credentialing supervisors approve applications that don’t have positive answers to personal data questions, have questionable verifying documents, or are otherwise "red flag" applications. "Red flag" applications are forwarded to the exception application process for determination by the appropriate disciplining authority. An applicant will be formally notified of a denial and has the opportunity for a hearing.

Renewal Requirements

Massage practitioners must renew their license every year on or before their birthday. Twenty-four hours of continuing education is due every two years on or before their birthday. A minimum of eight hours must be direct massage skills training, and a minimum of four hours must be in professional ethics, communication and/or Washington State massage laws and regulations. Two of these hours must include professional roles and boundaries. Licensee is required to submit the appropriate fee, renewal card and an affidavit of compliance with the continuing education requirement.

1st Step to Licensure: is the school you attended Washington State Board Approved?

In order to meet the above requirements, a therapist licensed in another state wishing to gain an LMT license in Washington must first see if the school they attended is a "board approved school" in Washington State. If this is the case, the therapist does not need help from WSA and can simply apply for a license with Washington State directly. See Massage Therapist Approved Schools.

If a therapist licensed in another state wishing to gain an LMP license in Washington graduated from a school that is not listed on the "board approved" schools, Bellevue Massage School can "transfer" in the credits they earned and compare them with Washington State standards provided that the student’s school is not on the "blacklist" of massage therapy institutions listed here

Transfer Program with Washington Spa Academy

In order for WSA to evaluate a therapist’s transcript and identify if they are eligible to Transfer, they must pay the evaluation fee of $95. 

When evaluating transcripts, one of two situations will exist:

  • The therapist will either meet or exceed the standards of Washington Spa Academy’s Approved Transfer Student Program (625 hours) 


  • The therapist will NOT meet the standards of Washington Spa Academy’s Approved Transfer Student Program (625 hours)

In case #1, the therapist will have graduated from a program that was at least 24 weeks in length, and fulfilled the following hourly 625 hr requirements: 

90 Hours - Anatomy & Physiology; 60 Hours - Kinesiology; 70 Hours - Pathology; 260 Hours - Massage Theory & Practice; 50 Hours - Student Clinic; 55 Hours - Business & Clinical Practices; 40 Hours - Ethics

  • In case #1, the therapist can qualify for graduation from WSA if they enroll in the WSA Transfer Program and pay the Tuition of $850 to transfer their credits and satisfy a practical and written massage examination. This examination process involves performing a full body Swedish massage including a satisfactory health intake and comprehensive SOAP chart as well as a 100-question multiple-choice exam, both required by WA for any Transfer student.
  • In case #2 where the therapist does not meet the above standards, WSA will fill in the missing gap of hours to meet Washington requirements. The Tuition is the $850 transfer fee plus $23 per hour needed by the student. The therapist must also satisfy a written exam and a practical massage requirement which involves performing a full body Swedish massage including a satisfactory health intake and comprehensive SOAP chart.

If in either case a student’s practical massage is deemed unfit to proceed, further hours of massage therapy training in our "Student Clinic" will become mandatory for graduation. Fees will be determined on a case by case basis if this step becomes necessary.

When a student fulfills the necessary educational and practical massage requirements, they now "graduate" from Washington Spa Academy Transfer Program. 

The following steps are also necessary for the student to complete in order to receive their Washington State LMT license:

Steps Necessary to Graduate from Washington Spa Academy & Gain LMT License

  1. Fill out a Student Profile form so that graduation paperwork can be completed
  2. Have all fees paid in full (Payments made with Debit/Credit Cards are subject to a 3% transaction fee)
  3. Request that an official transcript be sent to Washington State as well as Washington Spa Academy (WSA can accept a sealed transcript from the student but WA State DOH cannot - for WA State DOH it must come directly from the institution they attended)
  4. Fill out the Massage Licensing Application: Massage Therapist Applications and Forms
  5. Take the jurisprudence exam, pass with 100% and print to send along with application: Massage Therapist Applications and Form
    • $266 fee in cashier’s check or money order
    • If the student was licensed in another state, they need to send the "Out-of-State Credential Verification" form to the state(s) they are licensed and make sure that the second page is filled out by that state and sent to Washington
  6. Send MBLEX or NCBTMB passing score to Washington: For the MBLEX, to get scores to WA, go to & fill out the "mobility form" on their website - their fee is $20

Washington Spa Academy will complete the following steps:

Send an official School Board Completion form by email to the Department of Health as well as all paperwork documenting the hours determination & send the graduate an official transcript as well as a Certificate of Completion

If you are thinking about moving to Washington as a massage therapist or just need to finish massage school, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with your questions. Please give us a call at 425-641-3409.

From our Alumni

From our Alumni

The best school I have ever been to, and locally owned. Awesome teachers and staff, our group had a lot of fun! They helped me find me a job immediately with an awesome spa, and have answered any questions I had post graduation. If you are looking for a new career as a massage therapist I highly recommend Bellevue Massage School.

- Tyler, 2017 Graduate

The teachers at BMS are caring and knowledgeable, and the small class sizes mean a lot of 1-on-1 attention!

- Jeff, 2017 Graduate