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Image for Massage Licensing Program

Massage Licensing Program

33 Weeks – 660 Hours

The Massage Licensing Program at Washington Spa Academy spans 660 ho...

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Image for Reflexology Certification Program

Reflexology Certification Program

The 207-hour Reflexology Program is designed to fully prepare the student for a successful, thriving career as a Certified Reflexologist. This co...

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Image for Esthetic Licensing Program

Esthetic Licensing Program

33 Weeks – 780 Hours

The Esthetics Licensing Program at Washington Spa Academy spans...

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Image for Transfer Student Program

Transfer Student Program

Washington Spa Academy accepts transfer students from both inside and outside of Washington State. As one of the few schools in Washington that offers a transfer student program...

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Image for Bastyr Summer Intensive Program

Bastyr Summer Intensive Program

Through a partnership between Bastyr University and Washington Spa Academy, Bastyr students who have met certain prerequisites...

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Bilingual Massage Licensing Program

This licensing program provides concentrated study and preparation to meet Washington state requirements to become a licensed massage practitioner (LMP). This 660-hour program t...

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Introductory Class

Introductory Class

Are You Considering a Career in Massage Therapy, Reflexology or Esthetics?

If you are considering a career in Massage Therapy, Reflexology, or Esthetics — some of the most rewarding and rapidly growing fields in healthcare today — choosing the right school for yourself is a crucial decision. We encourage you to explore our website, take a tour, meet our dedicated instructors and staff, and experience our intimate, mission and vision. 

Before enrollment, we consistently schedule a complimentary two-hour Informative Session/Introductory Class, providing prospective students with the opportunity to ask questions and develop an impression and general understanding of our school and programs.