Faculty and Staff Members

More than teachers, our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that typically have 15 or more years of real-world experience. They leave our graduates feeling well-prepared and ready to work in many diverse areas. Ours instructors inspire you to reach your full potential.  

Image of Sherry Duan, PhD Candidate, Esthetician (21022349)?w=240&h=240

Sherry Duan, PhD Candidate, Esthetician (21022349)

Executive Director

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Image of Teri Hallmark, LMT (MA00011927)?w=240&h=240

Teri Hallmark, LMT (MA00011927)

Director of Education / Lead Faculty - Massage Theory and Practice

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Image of Tracey Crotts, LMT (MA60533558)?w=240&h=240

Tracey Crotts, LMT (MA60533558)

Lead Clinic Supervisor

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Image of Sylvia Liu, M.S.?w=240&h=240

Sylvia Liu, M.S.

Director of Admissions

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